Our Mission

Collabtic is the next generation collaboration platform for Field Service. The base platform will be free for the users.

Our mission is to provide a collaboration platform for field service technicians across multiple industries to enable them to share ideas, help each other, be a source of revenue for their contribution and grow their careers by demonstrating their skill and knowledge.

Our objective is to accelerate speed to fix and integrate parts information in the fix process. Compensate technicians who take ownership of a service issue or contribute to the success of a fix, enabling us to efficiently share lessons learned in the process, with the community.

We are launching Collabtic first in the Printing and Imaging industry. This is because of the evolving nature of the industry, both from a perspective of increasing technical complexity of the products and varying business models. It’s an industry where majority of the repairs are done at the customer’s site and the technician may be by themselves and are under time pressure to resolve the issue. This challenge is further amplified with the Managed Print Service business models and increasing difficulty in finding experienced technicians.

We aspire to understand the challenges of each industry that we get involved with and adapt the Collabtic platform to best fit the needs of the industry (not the other way around).

We are a small team right now, but are committed to this mission and objective and are eager to see the users and businesses benefit from it.

We welcome you to please share your email with us, so we can keep you posted on the progress and launch timing. Please be rest assured that we will not be sending anymore emails than needed to keep you informed.

— Collabtic Team